Velká Pardubická 2013 Sweepstake Kit

Velká pardubická 2013

The Velká pardubická, the Czech Republic’s biggest horse race, takes place on Sunday, October 13th and has lovingly crafted a sweepstake kit to add to your enjoyment of the event.

Whether you’re watching the race at a club, disco, lounge, house, basement or block party, stoop, or at any other social gathering, simply download the PDF below, print it off, cut out the names, and divvy them up among your friends/colleagues/cellmates in exchange for a few crowns.

The person who picks the name of the winning horse wins the pot.

The main race starts at 4:30pm and is being televised live on ČT1.

Download’s Velká Pardubická 2013 Sweepstake Kit (PDF)

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