The movie star, the partner swap and the surrogate mother: Karel Roden’s bizarre private life

The movie star, the partner swap and the surrogate mother: Karel Roden's bizarre private life

Karel Roden, Jana Krausová, Ivana Chýlková, Laura Čekanová and Jan Kraus

Karel Roden, the Czech Republic’s biggest Hollywood star, has one of the country’s strangest private lives.

Thanks to a secret agreement with his partner, 60-year-old actress Jana Krausová, Roden is reportedly expecting his second child with a younger woman, Prague dentist Laura Čekanová.

The 51-year-old actor, best known for playing Eastern European bad guys, had his first child, Sofie, with Čekanová in 2012 and, according to various reports, she’s pregnant again.

Adding to the curiosity value of Roden’s family life are the bizarre circumstances under which Roden and Krausová got together in the first place.

For several years, Roden lived with actress Ivana Chýlková while Krausová was married to Roden’s friend, TV chat show host Jan Kraus.

In 1994, however, the friends switched partners, Roden moving in with Krausová and Kraus getting together with Chýlková.

Kraus & Krausová had two sons: David Kraus, who is the leader of the house band on Show Jana Krause, his dad’s Friday night chat show, and actor/theatre director Adam Kraus.

In 1998, Kraus & Chýlková had a son of their own, Jáchým Kraus.

Christmas must be interesting.

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