Important modelling news: Simona Krainová goes topless (but not really)

Simona Krainová goes topless (but not really)

Blesk devoted most of Wednesday’s centre-spread to the astonishing news that a Czech supermodel had taken most of her clothes off for an ad campaign.

41-year-old Simona Krainová goes sort-of-but-not-quite-topless in a series of giant billboards promoting Klenoty Aurum, a mildly tacky Czech jewellery chain.

Under the headline, “Sexy Krainová takes it into her own hands [and] endangers drivers”, Blesk thoughtfully considers the road safety implications of Simona’s photo shoot.

Simona Krainová goes topless (but not really)

And just in case you couldn’t imagine what a man leering at a giant photo of a semi-naked supermodel might look like, Blesk mocks up just such an occurrence, complete with “Give me a wave, Simona” speech bubble.

Technically minded readers can watch Aurum’s short YouTube video about the making of the Krainová ads below. promises to bring you more important modelling news as it comes in.

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