Milos Zeman replaces Andrej Babis as “Czech Donald Trump”

A photo collage showing Donald Trump, Milos Zeman and Andrej Babis

The Donald, The Milos and The Andrej

Less than two months after named Andrej Babis the Donald Trump of the Czech Republic, The Conversation has anointed his successor: President Milos Zeman.

But wait, you say, how can there be two Czech Donald Trumps?

Czech politics is a bit like British ice hockey: fascinating for a small group of enthusiasts but of no real interest to the world beyond. Serious publications in the Affluent West feel duty-bound to cover international events, however, including those in the Czech Republic.

To sweeten the pill for readers, foreign correspondents use this tried-and-tested technique for jazzing up profiles: “Look! This white, middle-aged foreign guy that you’ve never heard of bears a passing resemblance to this famous American guy that you know really well!”

Enter Trump.

(There’s a similar technique for softer features: “Look! This familiar activity is taking place in an exotic location!” like to think of this as the Afghan Roller Derby strategy.)

And who’ll be next week’s Czech Trump?’s money is on Marek Cernoch.

Or maybe Heidi Janku.

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