Photo: Pub in Prague 8-Kobylisy advertises “Erotic Quiz”

Photo of blackboard outside pub advertising an erotic quiz: Akce v baru - 27.2 Erotický kvíz - Zábava, Dárečký, Překvapení

We’re not sure if we really want to see those fingers. spotted this eye-catching sign outside the U Zvonecku pub in Prague 8-Kobylisy: “Event in Bar – 27.2 Erotic Quiz – Fun, Gifts, Surprise”

My mind was boggled. What does an erotic quiz involve? Is there a quick-fire round? Does anyone go home empty-handed?

Judging by the photos on U Zvonecku’s Facebook page, however, the reality was a little tamer than I’d imagined.

Probably for the best.

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  1. Richard says:

    I’m glad you’re keeping “abreast” of these things, P.P.!

    All the best


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