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Unfortunately Named Czech Fairground Ride: Super Scat

Photo of Super Scat fairground ride was in Klatovy (Plzen Region) for the annual fair at the weekend when he came across this unusually named ride.

Don’t blame me if it makes you feel sick.

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Naked, Hogtied ALF: Disturbing Funfair Ride in Prague 8-Troja


Just wrong.

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Break Dance Ride Injures Two at Matějská pouť

A ride that injured two girls has been removed from Matějská pouť (St. Matthew’s Fair) at the Incheba Expo Praha fairgrounds in Prague 7-Holešovice.

The accident occured on the afternoon of Thursday 15 March when a car fell off the Break Dance ride — a regular fixture of Matějská pouť and other travelling fairs that visit Prague. (I’ve been on it myself at least once.)

While the ride itself has been removed from the fair, a video of the Break Dance still figures prominently on the official Matějská pouť website‘s homepage — complete with an unintentionally ironic soundtrack of screaming thrill-seekers.

The cause of the accident, which is still unknown, is being investigated by the police. has photos and video of the scene of the accident at the link below.


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