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20 Years in Prague, 20 Questions

Photo of potatoes

Why is there a photo of potatoes here? I’m afraid you’re just going to have to read the article.’s Supreme Commander Sam Beckwith recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of his arrival in the the Czech capital. (A quiet night in with an aspic babovka and a bottle of Branik.)

He’s learnt a lot in that time but there are still a few things he doesn’t understand about living in Prague.

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Star Trek: The Herna Bar

Photo of a herna bar called Star Trek in Kladno, Central Bohemia suspects that this gambling bar in Kladno, Central Bohemia isn’t officially licensed by CBS Studios Inc.

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Czech raw food enthusiast tries to walk New Zealand barefoot; collapses after two days ( [Facebook Post]


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Bizarrely Named Olomouc Bar: Excelent Urban Pub Doga

Excelent Urban Pub Doga

Get there early. The car park gets very busy after dark.

Many thanks to James K. of Praguebeats for the photo!

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Hunters vs. Swingers [Facebook Post]

Halali, a Prague-based company specializing in insurance for hunters, is in an increasingly acrimonious dispute with a swingers’ club that used to occupy the basement of its office on Jungmannova street. [Corrected]

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Best Masopust Photo Ever!


Masopust, the Czech equivalent of Shrove Tuesday/Carnival/Mardi Gras, is a potent mix of silly costumes, cold weather, alcohol, and unhealthy food — a combination perfectly captured in this photo from the Valasske muzeum v prirode (Wallachian Open Air Museum) celebration in Roznov pod Radhostem, Zlin Region (south Moravia).

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Play Prague’s emergency siren whenever you want

Photo of Prague

Prague under attack from concentric circles

Since 2002’s floods, Prague has tested its emergency sirens at noon on the first Wednesday of every month, routinely frightening tourists and newcomers to the city.

But what if that’s not enough?

What if you want to hear the emergency siren on demand, 24 hours a day, seven days a week? is here to help:

The audio track on this video was taken from the official Prague website, where, rather bizarrely, the city makes MP3s of its various test sirens available to play and download.

So now it can be siren day, every day.

Enjoy responsibly.

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Zdenek Skromach: An Apology

Wilfred Westwood and Zdenek Skromach (lookalikes)

Wilfred Westwood (not John Trunley) and Zdenek Skromach

In a recent Twitter post, suggested that Czech politician Zdenek Skromach may be the reincarnation of John Trunley, the so-called “Fat Boy of Peckham”.

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Unsolved Prague Murders 2014

Montage of unsolved Prague murders from 2014

Top row: Jiri F., Petr S.’s taxi, Danuse S.
Bottom row: Daniel C.’s and Milan P.’s taxis; Denis B.; Prubezna crime scene

The arrest last month (February 19th, 2015) of a man in connection with the killing of Jewish historian Jiri Fiedler, a specialist in Jewish history, and his wife Dagmar Fiedlerova apparently clears up one of last year’s most mysterious murder cases — but an unusually high number of Prague killings remain unsolved.

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Unfortunate beaver mural outside Prague 11-Chodov polyclinic

Beaver mural outside Prague 11-Chodov polyclinic is confused. Does the beaver represent the gynaecology clinic, the dental department (zubní oddělení), or both?

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