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Unfortunate Typo on Own-Brand Lidl Snack: “Crackers with Cummin”

Photo of Crackers with Cummin

Mmm… Salty…

Flattr this! compiles readers’ funniest photos of public toilet signs, including “entry only with guide” :-D [Facebook Post]


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Troubled “Ceska Miss” beauty pageant mocked over amateurish swimsuit photos (Blesk) [Facebook Post]


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Unintentionally Rude-Sounding Slogan for Czech Skiing App: “Touch Your Mountain”

Photo of iSki phone app billboard with slogan "touch your mountain"

But please don’t touch it in public.

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Bizarrely Named Olomouc Bar: Excelent Urban Pub Doga

Excelent Urban Pub Doga

Get there early. The car park gets very busy after dark.

Many thanks to James K. of Praguebeats for the photo!

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Are You Sketchy?

Are You Sketchy logotype

Worried that your life as a Prague expat is becoming a little too relaxed? is here to help.

This simple but highly scientific test quickly lets you know whether it’s time for a lifestyle change.

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Unfortunately Named Czech Fairground Ride: Super Scat

Photo of Super Scat fairground ride was in Klatovy (Plzen Region) for the annual fair at the weekend when he came across this unusually named ride.

Don’t blame me if it makes you feel sick.

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Unfortunately Named Czech Booze Brand: Bum

Front and rear photos of a bottle "Bum" tuzemak

From left to right: front Bum, back Bum

Many thanks to richardinprague for supplying photos of this magnificently named “tuzemak”, the Czech hooch known as “tuzemsky rum” (“domestic rum”) until the European Union took an interest.

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Photo: Pub in Prague 8-Kobylisy advertises “Erotic Quiz”

Photo of blackboard outside pub advertising an erotic quiz: Akce v baru - 27.2 Erotický kvíz - Zábava, Dárečký, Překvapení

We’re not sure if we really want to see those fingers. spotted this eye-catching sign outside the U Zvonecku pub in Prague 8-Kobylisy: “Event in Bar – 27.2 Erotic Quiz – Fun, Gifts, Surprise”

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Play Prague’s emergency siren whenever you want

Photo of Prague

Prague under attack from concentric circles

Since 2002’s floods, Prague has tested its emergency sirens at noon on the first Wednesday of every month, routinely frightening tourists and newcomers to the city.

But what if that’s not enough?

What if you want to hear the emergency siren on demand, 24 hours a day, seven days a week? is here to help:

The audio track on this video was taken from the official Prague website, where, rather bizarrely, the city makes MP3s of its various test sirens available to play and download.

So now it can be siren day, every day.

Enjoy responsibly.

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