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10 Czech surnames that sound a bit rude in English


Because it had to be done, here’s’s 10 favourite Czech family names that look or sound a bit rude in English.

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Unusual sign at Prague 8-Libeň tyre centre


Introducing Pneu Praha’s unexpectedly anatomically correct mascot…’s advice? Don’t ask for a pump.

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Unfortunate beaver mural outside Prague 11-Chodov polyclinic

Beaver mural outside Prague 11-Chodov polyclinic is confused. Does the beaver represent the gynaecology clinic, the dental department (zubní oddělení), or both?

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Unfortunately named acupuncture equipment manufacturer in Prague 4-Chodov: WANK

Wank screenshot

Guaranteed relief.

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Oddly named restaurant in Prague 4-Chodov: Restaurace Bread & Water

Restaurace Bread & Water

Ideal if you’re on a budget.

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Unfortunately Named Herna in Prague 3-Žižkov: Sport Bar Kum


Thanks to Mike G. for the photo!

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Unfortunately Named Beauty Salon in Prague 8-Troja


The quotation marks were probably a bad idea.

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Oddly Named Prague Pet Shop: Tweaty & Sweaty

Prague 4-Nusle

Prague 4-Nusle

Hopefully that’s supposed to be “sweety”.

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