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The Gábina Partyšová-Josef Kokta-Daniel Zahrádka ‘Love Triangle’

Up to 120,000 people demonstrated against the government in Prague on Saturday but that wasn’t enough to keep Gábina Partyšová off the front pages of both Blesk’s and Aha!’s Sunday editions.

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Meet the New Česká Miss: Tereza Chlebovská

Česká Miss 2012

Tereza Chlebovská (centre) was named Česká Miss (Czech Miss) on Saturday night by a jury chaired by Italian actress Claudia Cardinale and will represent the Czech Republic at the upcoming Miss World, Miss Earth and Miss Universe beauty pageants.

(Wikipedia describes Miss Earth as “an annual international beauty pageant promoting environmental awareness”. So now you know.)

The 21-year-old describes herself as “an ordinary girl with a sense of humor, sometimes irritable, who goes after her dreams”, and her motto, loosely translated, is “Whoever wants something finds a way; whoever doesn’t want something finds a reason”.

Born in the unpronounceable west Bohemian village of Třemešné, she grew up in Krnov, an industrial town in Silesia, way over on the unfashionable side of the Czech Republic, and currently studies music and health education at the University of Ostrava (Ostravská univerzita).

Her interests are dance, sport (mainly volleyball), modelling, cookery, travel, LARPing and spending time with family and friends., a Česká Miss media partner, invited Tereza to its offices this morning, where, in the slightly creepy tone Czech tabloids reserve for beauty queens, they describe how she “bewitched” Andre Regli, the Swiss ambassador to the Czech Republic, who, somewhat randomly, happened to be passing through.

(Not really backing up its claim, Blesk breathlessly describes how “the ambassador spent a long time shaking hands with Česká Miss 2012” and how they “exchanged several sentences”.)

Saturday’s pageant also saw Linda Bartošová (pictured left) named “Česká Miss World” and Tereza Fajksová (right) “Česká Miss Earth”, which sounds impressive but is really just a fancy way of saying LOSER.

And yes: I did make up the bit about LARPing.


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Shameless Product Placement on Ordinace v růžové zahradě (Video)

A YouTube tribute to shameless product placement — mainly for the Jamall furniture store — on TV Nova’s Ordinace v růžové zahradě (Rose Garden Medical Clinic), the Czech Republic’s most popular soap opera.


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