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What Andrej Babis Dreams of: First-past-the-post Voting in the Czech Republic is reading “What I Dream of When I Happen to Sleep”, the English translation of Andrej Babis’s book “O cem snim, kdyz nahodou spim”, so you don’t have to.

Published shortly before last year’s (2017’s) election campaign, it’s a strange blend of “ee, weren’t it grand in the good old days” nostalgia and “here are a few Wired magazine articles I read recently” futurism.

Many of the bazillionaire businessman’s ideas are undeniably exciting — free superfast internet, anyone? — but his plans for the Czech political system are a little worrying.

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Flattr this! Christmas Card 2017

Wishing you more of what you want in 2018!

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Video: High-Speed Prague Police Chase

Just another day on the streets of Prague:

Uploaded to YouTube by bohdees with the following description:

Police chase from 3rd of April, 2012, recorded from police helicopter above Prague. Suspect is trying to escape in his black VW Passat, police cars are chasing him, finally the suspect is arrested. During this chasing, police is shooting at black VW Passat, unfortunately hits another car.

Anybody know which part of town this is?

(Link via Robert Polo)

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