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Bizarre newspaper sex ad uses possible demolition of Libensky most bridge as its theme

Kudos to Czech writer/tweeter Jan Handl for sharing this hilarious classified ad, which has translated below…

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Local News: Zdechov, Zlin Region man illegally keeping lions; neighbours unhappy (Nova) [Facebook Post]


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Bizarrely Named Olomouc Bar: Excelent Urban Pub Doga

Excelent Urban Pub Doga

Get there early. The car park gets very busy after dark.

Many thanks to James K. of Praguebeats for the photo!

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Unfortunately Named Czech Fairground Ride: Super Scat

Photo of Super Scat fairground ride was in Klatovy (Plzen Region) for the annual fair at the weekend when he came across this unusually named ride.

Don’t blame me if it makes you feel sick.

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Cops stop Moravian man in combine harvester driving home from Poland on D11 motorway [Facebook Post]

Link (Blesk)

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Drunk-driving cop damages dozens of cars during wild Vinohrady chase [Facebook Post]

A drunk-driving senior cop damaged dozens of cars during a wild chase through Prague’s Vinohrady district earlier today (Tuesday, April 12th) while attempting to escape colleagues.

The police academy professor, named as Karel Kadlec, reportedly has a history of alcohol problems.

Link (Lidovky)

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Cops bust illegal tofu-production operation selling at Sapa market in Prague 4-Libus [Facebook Post]


The suspect was selling tofu produced in “totally unsatisfactory hygienic conditions” in a garage in Prague 4-Seberov directly from his vehicle at the market, according to the police.

Link (Police CR)

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Photo: Pub in Prague 8-Kobylisy advertises “Erotic Quiz”

Photo of blackboard outside pub advertising an erotic quiz: Akce v baru - 27.2 Erotický kvíz - Zábava, Dárečký, Překvapení

We’re not sure if we really want to see those fingers. spotted this eye-catching sign outside the U Zvonecku pub in Prague 8-Kobylisy: “Event in Bar – 27.2 Erotic Quiz – Fun, Gifts, Surprise”

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Best Masopust Photo Ever!


Masopust, the Czech equivalent of Shrove Tuesday/Carnival/Mardi Gras, is a potent mix of silly costumes, cold weather, alcohol, and unhealthy food — a combination perfectly captured in this photo from the Valasske muzeum v prirode (Wallachian Open Air Museum) celebration in Roznov pod Radhostem, Zlin Region (south Moravia).

Flattr this!’s five favourite campaign ads from the 2014 Czech elections

"For many of us it will be the first time. Don't be shy about giving us a chance."

“For many of us it will be the first time. Don’t be shy about giving us a chance.”

As the dust settles on the Czech Republic’s 2014 Senate and local council elections, looks back at some of the campaign’s strangest ads.

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