“As Beautiful as Prague” T-Shirt


Finally, a Prague T-shirt that doesn’t suck! Show the beauty in your life how much you care with this lovingly crafted souvenir from the world’s most beautiful city.

    • 100% cotton!
    • Red!
    • Has words on it!

Women’s Sizes: S (39cm x 56cm), M (42cm x 58 cm), L (46cm x 60cm), XL (49cm x 62cm)
Men’s Sizes: XS (48cm x 61cm), S (51cm x 67cm), M (54cm x 69cm), L (56cm x 72cm), XL (57cm x 75cm), XXL (61cm x 77cm)
Note: Our supplier’s shirts tend to be on the small side; if in doubt, go one larger.

Price: 500 Kč, including free delivery in Prague! (Czech and international delivery rates available on request)

To order or for more information, email praguepig@gmail.com.

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