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Death in Egypt Update: Czech police charge Petr Kramný with murder

Blesk speculates on how Monika Kramná might have died

Blesk speculates on how Monika Kramná might have died

There have been some dramatic developments in the Monika and Klára Kramná investigation — and not just the ones dreamt up by Blesk’s anonymous sources.

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Parts of Murdered Woman Found in Prague 3 and Prague 4

A severed pair of hands found in Prague 4-Modřany and a human torso found in Prague 3-Žižkov belong to the same woman, according to a police autopsy.

The hands were discovered on Tuesday 6 December in the Kunratický potok woods, not far from the Jižní spojka highway; the torso was uncovered on Saturday 24 December in another wooded area, Lesopark Krejcárek.

According to police spokesman Tomáš Hulan, the cops are still waiting for confirmation from DNA experts that the hands and torso match but are working on the assumption that they belong to a woman who died on Monday 5 December.

It’s thought that the body parts were those of a 40-to-45-year-old blonde or redhead around 170-175 centimetres (5′ 7″-5′ 9″) in height.

The police are treating the case as murder.


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