Death in Egypt: The Poisoning of Monika and Klára Kramná

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  1. This is awful. I hope they find out the truth about all of this. But come on, fucking Egypt? Why are people still going there?

    You get a better look at the Pyramids on a 4k HD television – no dysentery!

  2. tom says:

    This is not first “mysterious” death of young woman in fucking Egypt.Them dirty bastards have a good fun and laugh of people’s tragedy in their sandy country.

  1. 12 January, 2014

    […] Death in Egypt: the poisoning of Monika and Klára Kramná Petr Kramný, who was suspected of poisoning his wife and daughter on holiday in Egypt, was finally allowed to return home to Karviná on October 31st. […]

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