Czech Newswire

April 2021

09.04.2021 asks readers for help tracing 11 Jewish children who were saved from transportation to the Terezin/Theresienstadt concentration camp during World War II by the Czechoslovak resistance group “Lvice” and given new identities in the Ostrava area (Denik) … 08.04.2021 Gold wings return to top of Prague’s Hlavni nadrazi train station following year-long restoration; as part of the repairs, the 1907 sculpture has been gilded with 4,875 pieces of 24-karat gold leaf (Nova) … Cops investigating death of 46-year-old man at chata in Ostopovice, Brno-venkov, South Moravia, discover arsenal of “26 kilos of small-calibre ammunition, almost 800 artillery shells, 80 hand grenades and 9 aerial bombs”; police think death was health-related (Nova) … 02.04.2021 Truck carrying 10,000 litres of slurry crashes in Podecely, Pardubice Region, flooding village with faeces from pig farm (Nova)  … 01.04.2021 15-year-old boy released from Prague’s Fakultni Thomayerova nemocnice hospital, 70 days after falling from 19th floor of Prague 11-Haje panelak; following near-miraculous recovery from life-threatening injuries, teenager is suffering “no serious consequences” of 60-metre drop (Blesk)

March 2021 

31.03.2021 High-profile Czech music festival Colours of Ostrava postponed again because of COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic; event now set to be held 13-16 July 2022 (iDNES) … 29.03.2021 BREAKING: Czech billionaire Petr Kellner killed, aged 56, in helicopter crash in Alaska (Washington Post) … 28.03.2021 Cops attempting to verify sighting of bear, south-east of Prague, between Mnichovice, Strancice and Vsestary, Praha-Vychod, Central Bohemia (Nova)  … 27.03.2021 Czech census website runs into technical problems only hours after launch and, as of 8:45am on Saturday, isn’t working (iDNES) … 26.03.2021 Video: Cops hunt runaway emu that startled drivers on roads north of Ceska Lipa, Liberec Region (Nova) [corrected] … 25.03.2021 KSCM (Commies) set to back 14-day extension of State of Emergency, potentially paving way for Prime Minister Andrej Babis’s minority government to extend hard lockdown beyond Easter; government originally wanted 30-day extension (Nova) … 24.03.2021 Prime Minister Andrej Babis’s minority government again struggling to get the votes it needs in Czech parliament’s lower house to extend the State of Emergency beyond Sunday; SPOLU coalition (ODS/KDU-CSL/TOP 09), Pirates and STAN all oppose Babis’s extension plan (iDNES) … 23.03.2021 “Queen of Czechoslovak Chanson” Hana Hegerova dies, aged 89, in Prague’s Na Homolce hospital; Slovak-born singer had suffered a series of health issues and, according to her publisher, had broken her hip a month ago (iDNES) [corrected] … Vaclav Klaus Jr., leader of new right-wing populist party Trikolora, to quit politics and leave public life, saying he has lacked “positive energy” since his divorce from second wife Lucie Hrebackova in 2017 (Facebook via Nova) … 19.03.2021 German-language Czech newspaper Prager Zeitung helps Snopes debunk fake Joe Biden story (Snopes)  … Fotbal: Rangers-Slavia Praha Europa League game ends in chaos following accusation that Slavia defender Ondrej Kudela racially abused Rangers midfielder Glen Kamara and counter-accusation that Kamara punched Kudela after the game (Scottish Sun) … 18.03.2021 Transport experts map the Czech Republic’s worst road accident hotspots; the top five are all in Prague, three of those on Kbelska street, Prague 9 – part of the Prumyslovy polookruh (“Industrial Semicircle”) highway (iDNES) … 17.03.2021 Controversial Prague-Reporyje Mayor Pavel Novotny to leave Civic Democrats (ODS) after October elections; provocative tabloid journalist-turned-politician frustrated by lack of opportunities on national stage in traditional centre-right party (iDNES) … 14.03.2021 Zoo in Brno and safari park in Dvur Kralove nad Labem, Hradec Kralove Region, arrange video link-up for their chimpanzees (Nova) … 11.03.2021 Video: Big crane rescues slightly smaller crane from ditch following accident near Napajedla, Zlin Region (Nova)  … Fire breaks out in wooden World War II-era hangar at Tocna airfield, Prague 12-Tocna; priceless collection of historical planes, including Jan Antonin Bata’s Lockheed Electra 10A, saved by firefighters (Blesk)  … 08.03.2021 “Adrenaline level: Brno“; unknown man walks on second-city rooftop carrying white plastic bag (Blesk) … 05.03.2021 Loony far-right member of parliament Lubomir Volny (independent; formerly SPD) speculates on Facebook that DHL aeroplane might have been spreading COVID-19 coronavirus over Brno; plane was actually circling because of fog (iDNES) … 04.03.2021 Czech competitive eater Jaroslav “Maxijedlik” Nemec fails in attempt to eat 30,000 dried mealworms in 30 minutes in Brno but still sets unofficial world record: 9,158 larvas, weighing roughly 250 grams (Blesk) … 03.03.2021 Billionaire politician Pavel Sehnal (ODA) jumps queue to get COVID-19 coronavirus vaccination by posing as health worker; the 56-year-old property tycoon owns a private dental clinic at Na Bulovce hospital, Prague 8-Liben (Seznam Zpravy) … 01.03.2021 Cops reassure residents of Spojil, a 1.7-square-kilometre “obec” (“municipality”) entirely surrounded by the city of Pardubice, that they’ll be able to visit Pardubice during lockdown (Twitter) … Prima televize presenter and former biathlon star Gabriela Koukalova announces she is pregnant with new boyfriend Milos Kaderabek’s child and will go back to using her maiden name, Gabriela Soukalova (Blesk)

February 2021

25.02.2021 Richard the gorilla and Asiatic lions Jamvan and Suchi test positive for COVID-19 coronavirus at Prague zoo; all currently have only mild symptoms (iDNES) … 23.02.2021 Former President Vaclav Klaus has COVID-19 coronavirus; 79-year-old lockdown sceptic is recovering at home after repeatedly ignoring government restrictions (Blesk)20.02.2021 Vystaviste Praha Holesovice’s Matejska pout funfair cancelled this year (2021) because of COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic; Prague 7-Holesovice fairgrounds may host smaller-scale “Zabavne mestecko” (“Fun Town”) fair later in year (Denik)18.02.2021 Panic-buying brings down Dr. Max pharmacy chain website after Health Minister Jan Blatny announces plan to make FFP2 respirators, nano masks or doubled-up surgical masks mandatory on public transport and in shops (Nova) … Prime Minister Andrej Babis sacks COVID-19 coronavirus advisor Roman Prymula for (legally) attending Slavia Praha-Leicester City Europa League football match, hours after calling for tougher lockdown (Blesk) … Aw: Three little baby brown roofed turtles born at Zoo Praha; currently closed Prague 7-Troja attraction was first zoo in world to successfully breed brown roofed turtles, in 2008 (Blesk) … 10.02.2021 Culture Minister Lubomir Zaoralek (CSSD) cuts his own hair; describes new look as “plucked tennis ball” (Blesk) 08.02.2021 Snow: Lorry accident near Trhovy Stepanov, Central Bohemia, blocks Prague-bound traffic on D1 motorway (Blesk) … 05.02.2021 Shopping: Marks & Spencer launching Czech click-and-collect service, allowing Prague customers to order clothes online and pick them up from Wenceslas Square, Chodov and Cerny Most stores (Marks & Spencer Clickaway) … 04.02.2021 “Beast from the East” weather conditions set to bring extreme cold to Czech Republic next week (8-14 February); daytime highs could be as low as -12 degrees Celsius in some areas (Nova) … 02.02.2021 30-year-old Lysa nad Labem, Central Bohemia, man helicoptered to hospital in Prague after deciding to test new bulletproof vest by shooting himself; vest turns out to be ineffective (Novinky) … 01.02.2021 Video: TV news reporter Petr Brzek and his cameraman assaulted by operator and customers of illegally opened Cenkovice, Pardubice Region, ski resort (Nova)