Toilet Paper Collection

Living in the Czech Republic is a great opportunity to see new places and meet new people. Mostly, though, I like sniggering at toilet paper with silly names.


This image shows Clever toilet paper

The German-owned Billa supermarket chain’s own brand bog roll.


This image shows Frotto toilet paper

This probably isn’t supposed to make you think of frottage.

Grand Finale

This image shows Grand Finale toilet paper

Produced in Slovakia, where going to the toilet is considered an art form.


This image shows Lovely toilet paper

Another own brand, this one from the Austrian Interspar hypermarket chain.


This image shows Ooops! toilet paper

…I did it again.


This image shows Touching toilet paper

Thank you. It’s been emotional.

• This article originally appeared on Stumpy Moose, a now-defunct humour site that lives on in a state of near-obsolescence on social media. Just like its author.