The New Czech Citizenship Test Will Be Really Hard

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  1. Nathan Brown says:

    Hi Sam,

    Yikes, those are pretty harsh questions!! Looks like multiple guess material and hopefully the required percentage for a pass is very low.

    Thanks for the post.


  2. Aghash says:

    I totally love it! The parts with the correct sequence of “i-s” and Cimmerman’s birthplace are especially cool. I guess it’s yet another firewall the Czech Republic is attempting to raise against the influx of Ukrainians and other “former USSRs” :-))) Well, if the latter ones are so eager to impose their perspective of lifestyle in Karlovy Vary and the very center of Vaclavske Namesti, why not requiring them to know something about the country they think is “their anyway”? Let it be!

  3. Ondra Vávra says:

    Born in Prague, now age thirty, know half of it!

  4. jennifer says:

    I got 7 of 10….I missed the # of kraje, the number of senators, and the thing about human rights….

  5. pgl says:

    Jesus H. Christ.

  6. Chris Lean says:

    I think that I did marginally better on this test this than an equivalent sample test for UK citizenship.

    A lucky guess on at least one question got me to 60%. So, as Nathan says, if the passmark is not high there is hope!

  1. 12 January, 2014

    […] The new Czech citizenship test will be really hard The Czech Republic’s new citizenship test came into effect on January 1st, 2014, and isn’t much easier than the mock-up created by Hospodářské noviny in February. […]

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