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  1. Auburn Scallon says:

    I’d love to see a Shakespearean take on Masaryk!

    “Weirdest” is a tough call because after a while, things that seemed weird at first start to feel completely normal. But based on the prize I’m going for, one of the weirdest (awesome) things I learned about the first president, which endeared him to me for life, is that he a) married an American and b) took her last name as his middle name. I love that there is a hint of feminism in the founding of this republic! #WheresMyMasaryk? 🙂

  2. Brian J Callaghan says:

    My friend was renting a 2 plus 1 on my street in Prague 7. Anyway, he and his flatmate were hanging a painting when the hammer went straight through the wall leading to another room that had been completely sealed off, although it still contained a few furnishings from whomever had sealed it up inside.

    Of course, while entertaining thoughts of loot hidden from Nazis, communists, or perhaps an Edgar Allan Poe-esque murder,–or–even better, a secret room with a spirit inside a la Wilde’s The Canterville Ghost, they called the landlord. No idea what we were all thinking or expecting would happen, as in maybe he would bring the National Museum, some archaeologists, ghost hunters, and maybe even Indiana Jones, but the landlord simply took the hammer, knocked in the rest of the wall and said, ‘your flat is now a 3 plus 1. That will be 5,000 kc more a month.’

    (16th century water supply please . . . )

  3. Dan Salcudeanu says:

    At a company themed Christmas party some people thought it’s a good idea to wear black paint on their face and pretend they are hip-hop artists. A lady asked out 30 guys, one for each day of the month, and then published her experience (I was one of them :)) ). At a festival I saw a huge queue at the toilets, I looked over and the people were going one after another to which ever toilet was being opened, out of 10 toilets they used only 3, the others were empty but because no one was exiting, no one tried to go inside :)))))
    I am pretty excited about the Masaryk in America theater play. Already got tickets to the one you’re acting in 😉

  4. Caleb says:

    Even though it seems ordinary now, the first time I walked past an authentic Christmas market, saw a huge vat of fish, saw a young girl hesitate at the edge then point at one of the fish, then see the shopkeeper scoop it up, slap it on a log, and proceed to hack its head off, right before the eyes of the still-smiling girl, I was gripped by the thought of ” what a weird place I’ve found myself in!”

  5. Maria Wasilewska says:

    Is it weird, I don’t know but I laugh about it all the time: in a country where everything closes at six and nothing is open on the weekends, there is a flower shop open 24 hours, non stop. You might not be able to get medical care at 0345, but you can sure try to appease your angry woman with some worthless flowers.

  6. Dan Statham says:

    The first time I went to the army museum outside of Prague and saw just how handy Czech kids are with an air rifle

    Radio silence please

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