Introducing’s Gift Guide

Stock photo of gift

Photo: T. Al Nakib (

Just in time for Christmas Valentine’s Day, here’s’s guide to the best, worst and weirdest Czech gifts available.


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Wishing you more of what you want in 2018!

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Czech Elections Posters + Facebook Messenger Filters = Hilarity

Photo of a Czech politician with a cat on his head

All Photos: Scott Lee Hansen

If the current Czech general election campaign wasn’t absurd enough for you already, comedian Scott Lee Hansen has taken things up a notch or two.

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Can’t Be Unseen: Karel Gott’s “Erotic” Art

Karel Gott is the world’s greatest singer, of course, but his painting? Well… stumbled upon this gem, titled “Cas nezanosti” (“Time of Endearment”), while digging through the archives. (OK, deleting stuff from my phone.)

(It’s a screenshot of a Blesk article from earlier this year (2017).)

The original 1973 artwork is part of a collection of more than 40 of the great man’s paintings owned by Zdenek Kohak, a former business partner of Gott’s who was accused of conning Karel out of 8.7 million crowns in 2013. (Kohak vehemently denies the claim.)

Kohak’s website features Godlike Karel’s thoughts on this sensual masterpiece, somewhat loosely translated into English:

According to me, there ´s nothing wrong when two women touch each other. So I painted them in Times of tenderness. This painting caused me a sort of unpleasant experience. On the exhibition in Cologne one young journalist gave me a question, if I was really together with two women at the same time. I said yes, and I liked it a lot. Well, I would not say that it was disgusting, would I? But on the following day, one of the boulevard magazines wrote “Karel Gott likes gruppensex”. Since then, I rather beware of tricky questions of journalists.

Since the closure, in 2009, of the Gottland museum in Jevany, Central Bohemia, the collection has been without a permanent home.

Some of the paintings were also exhibited at the short-lived Gott Gallery Restaurant on Spalena in Prague 1-Nove Mesto, which opened in 2007 but closed a couple of years later.

Now, however, fans can only enjoy the Kohak collection online and at occasional temporary exhibitions.

A tragedy.

More stories about Karel Gott

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12 photos that *don’t* prove Prague is the most beautiful city in the world

Photo of Cerny Most

Prague 20-Cerny Most. All photos by Thelma Buswicke except 12 (Mrs.

Living in Sidliste Bohnice and working in Chodov, gets a bit tired of articles like the Huffington Post’s 10 Dazzling Photos That Are Proof Prague Is Europe’s Prettiest City.

Sure, parts of Prague are beautiful but heavily Photoshopped spire-porn doesn’t tell the whole story. Away from the centre, things get a little greyer and a little grimier.

Here’s’s tribute to the more tarnished parts of the Golden City.

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Real-Life Casino Royale in Prague 8-Kobylisy

Photo of the Casino Royale herna bar in Sidliste Dabliste, Prague 8-Kobylisy

This James Bond-themed herna bar brings a touch of glamour to Sidliste Dablice (Ladvi) in Prague 8-Kobylisy.

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Oddly Named Gym in Jicin, Hradec Region: Bastard’s

Great customer service, I hear.

Thanks to Scott Lee H. for the photo!

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Oddly Named Herna Bar in Prague 8-Karlin: M*A*S*H

Photo of Herna M*A*S*H

Because who wouldn’t want to spend the night in a mobile army surgical hospital?

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The Surprising Location of the Facebook Team That Reviews Czech-Language Hate Speech

Photo of Dublin's Grand Canal Dock

Irish eyes: Dublin is home to Facebook’s Czech “Community Operations” team (Credit: Jmckinley)

Every now and then, comes across a Czech-language comment on Facebook so offensive, I feel the need to report it.

And more often than not, Facebook will reject my complaint, usually along the lines of, “We’ve looked over the comment, and although it doesn’t go against any of our specific Community Standards, we understand that it may still be offensive to you and others…”

I began to wonder how Facey goes about monitoring this stuff. Does it have a team in the Czech Republic? And if so, how does it work?

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Shocking Infographic (Satire)

These 10 companies control everything you buy... ...and Andrej Babis owns them all

Just how far does Babis’s influence spread? 😉

(With apologies to Oxfam.)

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